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Understanding the reported risks of medicines, foods, toxic chemicals, etc.

We are constantly bombarded with news reports and claims like, “A new study found that chemical X increases your risk of disease Y by 100%” or “doing X makes you twice as likely to have Y,” but what do those … Continue reading

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The hierarchy of evidence: Is the study’s design robust?

People are extraordinarily prone to confirmation biases. We have a strong tendency to latch onto anything that supports our position and blindly ignore anything that doesn’t. This is especially true when it comes to scientific topics. People love to think … Continue reading

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Basic statistics part 4: understanding P values

If you’ve ever read a scientific paper, you’ve probably seen a statement like, “There was a significant difference between the groups (P = 0.002)” or “there was not a significant correlation between the variables (P = 0.1138),” but you may … Continue reading

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Debunking “10 scientific studies proving GMOs can be harmful to human health”

I recently stumbled across an article titled “10 Scientific Studies Proving GMOs Can Be Harmful To Human Health.” This article was written by Collective Evolution, which is a site that is right up there with Natural News and Whale.to for … Continue reading

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Yes, vaccines did save us from disease: a graphic analysis

If you have spent any time reading anti-vaccine pages, then you have inevitably come across graphs like Figure 1 (below) which claim that death rates were already declining prior to vaccines, and, therefore “vaccines did not save us from disease.” … Continue reading

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