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Ancient knowledge and the test of time

The notion of “ancient knowledge” is a common theme among anti-vaccers and alternative health practitioners. It generally takes one of two basic forms. Either they claim that something is right/effective/safe because our ancestors thought so and they were somehow privy … Continue reading

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100 bad arguments against vaccines

From time to time, I get directed to an article titled “One Hundred Arguments Against Vaccines” which was written by Natural Health Warriors and is nothing more than a Gish Gallop of anti-vaccine tropes. I have been loath to address … Continue reading

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Evolutionary mechanisms part 2: Simulating evolution

Note: if you tried to use this simulation before 10-Jan-16 there was an issue with it which has now been fixed. This is not really a blog post as much as a resource. Throughout this series, I am going to … Continue reading

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Evolutionary mechanisms part 1: What is evolution?

I am utterly enamored with evolution. To me, it is not only the central concept of biology, but it is the single most interesting topic in all of science. Nothing fascinates me as much as evolution. Unfortunately, when I tell … Continue reading

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