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10 common myths about evolution

Evolution is the single most important concept in all of biology. It is absolutely vital for understanding both the history of life on earth and why our modern organisms have their current traits and behaviors. Nevertheless, it is also one … Continue reading

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Settled science part 2: Creating the illusion of a debate

In the previous post, I explained what we mean by “settled science” and why there often aren’t two legitimate sides to a story. Nevertheless, despite a massive scientific consensus on issues like climate change, there is still widespread disagreement among … Continue reading

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Settled science part 1: Is science ever actually settled?

We are constantly told that “everyone has a right to their opinion” and “there are two sides to every story.” Our entire news system is predicated on the notion that we need to give fair time to both sides of … Continue reading

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It’s just water: how homeopathy debunks itself

Homeopathy is one of the most popular and fastest growing alternative “medicines.” People are drawn to its alluring claims of “treating the whole person” and “having no side effects” like moths to a flame. Nevertheless, I generally find that most … Continue reading

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10 steps for evaluating scientific papers

In the past few weeks, you have probably seen or heard claims that a new study has found that GMOs contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde; however, the reality is that the study itself is questionable at best, and the claims … Continue reading

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