logic quoteThis page contains my posts about how and why logic works, as well as how logic relates to scientific issues.


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  1. By logic I guess you mean principles of reasoning applicable to science? The overriding principle of the scientific method is finding “evidence”. I say that because scientists spend a lot of time deciding what is evidence and setting up experiments to provide it. Yet you obviously prefer the word “logic”. The underlying logic of calculus certainly makes it a good analytic tool but is that science? Testing of hypotheses using applicable mathematics (quantitative analysis) is what most scientists would agree with, yet you talk about inductive logic? I like your support for science but don’t conflate it with philosophy. I think you need to read this: http://empirico.org/science.html

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    • Fallacy Man says:

      I think that you have seriously misunderstood what I am saying. I am not in any way shape or form using “logic” instead of “evidence.” Rather, I am saying that logic is what we use analyze evidence and determine what the evidence means. I completely agree with the link that you posted, and it in no way shape or form conflicts with anything that I have written. For example, you state that we test hypotheses using mathematics, and I agree, but if you actually read my posts, you will find that mathematics are simply extensions of the laws of logic. For example, you would no doubt agree that if 2+5 = 7, and 7+3 = 10, then 2+5+3 must = 10. That is simply the logical law known as the law of transitive properties. Math only works because of the laws of logic.

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