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Are creationists and scientists both interpreting the evidence?

I continually hear creationists make the following claim: “Evolutionists and creationists both have the same amount of evidence, they just interpret the evidence differently.” The argument is basically that evolution and creation are on equal grounds scientifically, and the facts … Continue reading

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The Rules of Logic Part 5: Occam’s Razor and the Burden of Proof

Occam’s razor, also known as the principle of maximum parsimony, is one of the fundamental guiding principles in both logic and science. It is commonly explained as, “the simplest solution is usually the correct one.” More accurately, it states that, … Continue reading

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GMOs are “unnatural,” but so is everything else that you eat

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have become an extremely hot and controversial topic, but, as usual, much of the information about them is actually misinformation, and scare tactics and appeal to emotion fallacies abound. Later on, I plan on dealing at … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Theistic Evolution: Using Science to Interpret the Bible

When it comes to the theory of evolution, there is often an unnecessary clash between “men of faith” and “men of science.” I frequently see other scientifically minded people debate with creationists by either attacking the Bible or completely ignoring … Continue reading

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Was Charles Darwin An Atheist?

In honor of Darwin Day, I want to take a moment to dispel a very common misconception about one of the greatest figures in the history of science. I have frequently encountered Christians who adamantly proclaim that Darwin was, “an … Continue reading

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