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The Rules of Logic Part 4: The Laws of Noncontradiction and Transitive Properties

The two most fundamental rules of logic are the Law of Noncontradiction and the Law of Transitive Properties. In fact, all of the other rules of logic stem from these two laws. Both laws are very simple and easy to … Continue reading

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What Does It Actually Mean to “Do Your Homework”?

The anti-vaccine movement touts many appealing rallying cries, such as “do your homework,” “educate before you vaccinate,” and “think for yourself.” These slogans sound excellent and I whole-heartedly agree with them, but unfortunately, the actual actions of the anti-vaccers are … Continue reading

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15 Common Anti-Vaccine Arguments and Why They are a Load of Crap

In this post, I will address fifteen of the most commonly used arguments against vaccines. Throughout this post, you should notice that none of these arguments require a great deal of scientific knowledge or logical ability to defeat, and anyone … Continue reading

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