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7 easy ways to lose a debate

One of the saddest statistics about my life is the amount of time that I spend pointlessly debating anti-scientists. Having devoted so much time to this endeavor has, however, allowed me to observer certain patterns and trends in their debate … Continue reading

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The Rules of Logic Part 6: Appealing to Authority vs. Deferring to Experts

The appeal to authority fallacy (a.k.a. argument from authority) is easily one of the most common logical fallacies. This is the fallacy that occurs when you base your claim on the people who agree with you rather than on the … Continue reading

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What would it take to convince you that you were wrong?

In debates, I often ask people what it would take to convince them that they were wrong, and, much to my amazement, they frequently tell me that nothing will ever make them change their minds. What’s even more astounding is … Continue reading

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Are creationists and scientists both interpreting the evidence?

I continually hear creationists make the following claim: “Evolutionists and creationists both have the same amount of evidence, they just interpret the evidence differently.” The argument is basically that evolution and creation are on equal grounds scientifically, and the facts … Continue reading

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The Rules of Logic Part 5: Occam’s Razor and the Burden of Proof

Occam’s razor, also known as the principle of maximum parsimony, is one of the fundamental guiding principles in both logic and science. It is commonly explained as, “the simplest solution is usually the correct one.” More accurately, it states that, … Continue reading

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Microevolution vs. Macroevolution: The False Dichotomy

As I explained in a previous post, evolution is simply a change in the genetic makeup of a population, and natural selection is simply a mechanism that causes evolution. Everyone agrees that both evolution and natural selection occur. Even the … Continue reading

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The Rules of Logic Part 4: The Laws of Noncontradiction and Transitive Properties

The two most fundamental rules of logic are the Law of Noncontradiction and the Law of Transitive Properties. In fact, all of the other rules of logic stem from these two laws. Both laws are very simple and easy to … Continue reading

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