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“If evolution is true where are the missing links?”

This is one of the most common arguments that I hear from creationists. The claim is that if evolution is true, then in the fossil record we should see lots of intermediate species. In other words, we should see transitional … Continue reading

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Homeopathic beer: a simple test of homeopathy’s absurd claims

Homeopathy is a very popular “alternative” to conventional medicine. Unfortunately, not only is there no evidence that it works, but it flies in the face of basic science and common sense. It is based on three central tenants: Like cures … Continue reading

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Peer-reviewed literature: What does it take to publish a scientific paper?

Modern science publishes research through a careful peer-review system, and it is the peer-reviewed literature that scientists rely on for their information. Nevertheless, the peer-review system is very poorly understood among the general public, and opponents of science tend to … Continue reading

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