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Evolutionary mechanisms part 3: the benefits of mutations

Mutations have an almost universally negative connotation (except in the context of superheros). When people hear the word, they instantly think of disabilities, bizarre disfigurements, and grotesque scenes from science fictions. The reality is, however, quite a bit different. Although … Continue reading

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The Rules of Logic Part 7: Using Consistent Reasoning to Compare Apples and Oranges

Using consistent reasoning simply means that you use the same type of thinking or the same logical structure across your various views and arguments. In other words, the arguments that you use to support one position cannot conflict with the … Continue reading

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10 common myths about evolution

Evolution is the single most important concept in all of biology. It is absolutely vital for understanding both the history of life on earth and why our modern organisms have their current traits and behaviors. Nevertheless, it is also one … Continue reading

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Settled science part 2: Creating the illusion of a debate

In the previous post, I explained what we mean by “settled science” and why there often aren’t two legitimate sides to a story. Nevertheless, despite a massive scientific consensus on issues like climate change, there is still widespread disagreement among … Continue reading

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Meeting creationists on their own terms: understanding the Genesis flood

In this post, I am going to do something highly atypical for a science blog: I am going to talk about theology. I want to be very clear about why I am doing this and why you should pay attention … Continue reading

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Assumptions vs. inductive logic: is radiometric dating based on assumptions?

Anyone who has tried to debate a creationist has invariably encountered their liberal use of the word, “assumption.” This is one of their trump-card, catch-all arguments that they use to handily “defeat” any evidence that opposes their position. For example, … Continue reading

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Reducing irreducible complexity

Irreducible complexity is the cornerstone of the intelligent design movement, and it is a popular argument among young earth creationists as well. In simplest terms, this argument states that some systems are too complex to have evolved via natural selection … Continue reading

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