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25 myths and bad arguments about climate change

Global warming is arguably one of the most controversially topics among the general public. The internet is full of websites that are devoted to arguing against climate change, and politicians routinely claim that it’s a myth. Nevertheless, among the scientific … Continue reading

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Most scientific studies are wrong, but that doesn’t mean what you think it means

When faced with scientific studies that disagree with them, many people are prone to claim that they don’t have to accept those studies because most scientific studies are actually wrong. They generally try to support this claim by either citing … Continue reading

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Vaccines and autism: A thorough review of the evidence

One of the most common concerns that people have about vaccines is that they might cause (or exacerbate) autism. This idea is perpetuated by celebrities and innumerable websites, and it has become one of the cornerstone arguments of the anti-vaccine … Continue reading

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Does Splenda cause cancer? A lesson in how to critically read scientific papers

Last week, researchers published a paper suggesting that sucralose (Splenda) causes cancer in male mice. This has re-sparked an old debate, and various media outlets have been quick to pounce on the results and flood the internet with articles like, … Continue reading

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Global warming hasn’t paused

The notion that there has been a recent pause or hiatus in global climate change is one of those myths that just will not die. Numerous studies have shown that it simply isn’t true, and the claim is based on … Continue reading

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Research, you’re doing it wrong: A look at Tenpenny’s “Vaccine Research Library”

“I’ve done my research.” If you’ve ever debated someone who disagrees with a scientific  consensus, then you’ve probably encountered that sentence, especially if they were an anti-vaccer. It is the mantra of the anti-science movement, but it’s nearly always misused. … Continue reading

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